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ESL for Hospitality
English as a Second Language for Hospitality – 30 hours
In order to address the needs of today’s diverse workforce we are offering a Certificate of Completion Program in English as a Second Language for Hospitality. This practical course in the ESL for Hospitality program are focused on areas where associates working in the industry are taught to speak, read and write English so that they may respond to colleagues, supervisors and guests with skill and confidence. This course is valuable to those working in hotels, resorts, spas, janitorial services, assisted living centers or any tourism related business. With dozens of languages spoken by both guests and those who strive to meet the needs of those visitors, the ESL for Hospitality program is an essential component to any customer service and employee development plan.

The ESL / Hospitality Certificate program will :
  • Assure better service for guests
  • Ensure better communication between employees
  • Assist employees towards promotions
  • Increase safety standards
  • Place employees on the road to a career in Hospitality